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Latest Posts

Just married :-)

Today we’re writing to you with an important announcement… As of November 2013 the businesses of Dan Bradbury, Nick James, and Adrian Savage, became merged as one, to become Business Growth Systems Ltd! Yep, after many years of working together we

A Tale of Two Coaches

(NB: This is a true story, only names have been hidden to protect the innocent) One day, on a rainy spring afternoon in London, ten and a half years ago, two men attended a coach training program… They were very much

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you. But there are reasons! Read on to find out more… In this post discover; 1. Why some of the most talented coaches will NEVER make a living doing what they love 2. The 4 Cornerstones to

The Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint

On Wednesday evening at 7pm I’m co-hosting a brand new online training call with Nick James, called The Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint. On this call we’ll be talking about the systems and processes we’ve both used to start multiple six and

Stupid things coaches say

Isn’t it funny how most coaches are quick to judge me purely because I’m 30 years old! (technically I’m only 29, My birthday isn’t for a few weeks) You see, they always send me emails ranting and bleating on about how